Elite Athlete and Coach Support / Duty of Care

Image: Individual support with ex-Welsh international rugby player and professional coach.

With over a decade of experience of working with elite athletes, teams Coaches from a variety of sports across both Olympic and Paralympic sports and Professional Sports including through major events such as London 2012 and Rugby World Cup 2015 and the Netball World Cup 2019.  Golden Potential has a number of different packages available to assist elite athletes, coaches and teams.

We are passionate at supporting athletes and coaches and campaigning for duty of care and wellbeing and mental welfare support in sport which has included being on the working group responsible for writing the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation and Sport.

We aim to help you perform at your best on the sports field by supporting a balanced life and well-being off the sports field. Alongside these packages are offered to help teams and individuals work smarter together by increasing communication and resilience and decreasing stress.

We offer both one to one support as well as workshops in such areas as

  • Time Management and Organisation
  • Career and education advice
  • Transition support from moving age range to life after sport
  • Communication and resilience
  • Dual Career
  • Duty of Care including mediation support
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Support dealing with retirement


Image: Team resilience and understanding work with the Welsh Masters O55 Ladies Hockey Team