Our Story

Photo: Coaching Welsh Masters Hockey Team, Home Nations Championships

Golden Potential was created in 2011 by Sarah Nightingale.

Starting as a teacher Sarah progressed on to elite athlete support and corporate training and mentoring using her own elite sports background in hockey and cricket. Always being interested in how psychology and personality link. But from a personal experience of being a manager in a sphere she loved but not always find managing people easy, she felt that there was a stumbling block of not always understanding how people reacted and if they reacted differently to her she would blame herself for it increasing stress and decreasing productivity and results!

Then a revelation happened. Sarah attended a training session that made her aware of how different personality types react in the workplace and how by understanding this not only did it de-stress her as a person but it made her relationships inside and outside of work stronger and also made her and her team more productive. She was determined to learn more to develop herself and help others too and so Golden Potential was born!

Sarah developed a strategy that links both the psychological and the physiological to a number of training methods both for individuals and teams concentrating on how the understanding of your own personality traits and those of others increase better communication, gaining better results and decreasing stress with proven results

We now have experience of running courses and workshops for major companies and elite sports teams as well as giving talks on wellbeing at such events as Ignite. Training and mentoring as well as personal development and duty of care support Including Samsung, Artemis Offshore Academy as well as Olympic and Paralympic Governing bodies, TASS and professional sporting bodies, and the working group responsible for writing the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation.