Our Approach

Linking the Psychological and Physiological


Using the belief that self-awareness and understanding are key. We work on linking the psychological and physiological to increase performance and resilience whilst decreasing stress.

Using the experience and lessons learnt from corporate senior management and elite sport alongside the great techniques of Mind 5 Optimal Performance Coaching and Heartmath coaching we aim to help both individuals and teams to improve their wellbeing and performance.

We offer

Bespoke workshops and individual coaching to help raise awareness of the impact of stress on your performance and support you in your self-reflection to find the answers personal to you to increase your performance and decrease your stress and your reaction to it.

Benefits to you and your team

Increased performance through reduction in stress, increased awareness of personal triggers and techniques to use combat stress and improve communication which leads to optimal individual and team performance.

Why we offer it

At Golden Potential we believe that the body and the brain and intrinsically linked and stress can have a huge impact on physical and mental performance and relationships with others.

How do we get there?

To assist you in reaching your optimal performance peak We link the physical and the mental. We use not only our vast experience in working with high performing individuals and teams we link this experience with proven methods to help you achieve. We use Mind 5 Optimal Performance Coaching alongside Heart Math coaching and DISC profiling.

Areas offer include

  • Stress Management
  • Energy Management
  • Team work
  • Focus
  • What makes Optimal Performance
  • Communication / Personality Awareness